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Friday, September 19, 2003


Garry Rowland

Good Morning;

I like the idea of your program but have a few questions. I've been looking for a way to recurse a directory and import all images inot Flash MX, convert them to swf then export back to the same directory.

I don't know if I'm understanding your program but it seems to be doing a similar thing as I would like.

Am I close or is this something that can be done with your program?


Owen van Dijk

Hello Gary,

Sorry, that's not what JSFLCreator does, only thing is does is create a JSFL file which can be used to 'batch' publish all the FLA files in a specific directory. I believe the thing you want can be created though with JSFL. You should email Guy ( FlashGuru ) on this one, he is pretty comfortable with JSFL.



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