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Monday, September 15, 2003



I would change the position of the Breeze Player: I think it needs to be besides the Shockwave player instead if the Flash Player: it's a Flash Player + added functionality.

Also note that the platform is Breeze, you limited it to Breeze Live.

Peter Hall

I would change the position of Central for similar reasons. It is much more a player than an authoring tool...

Owen van Dijk

@Waldo: you are right from a technology pov, but from a users perspective, it is definitely another product.

@Peter: Yeah, i was thinking about that, and you are right, however i had a hard time visualizing this.

This diagram definitely is something to look over again when time progresses. Thank you both for the feedback.

Mike Downey

Small one here - but ".SWF" actually stands for "Small Web File". ;- )

And for you acronym junkies, "SWC" stands for "Small Web Component."

Good times...


From "File Format Specification License Agreement" :

1. Definitions

Flash File Format (SWF) or “SWF” means the file format designated by .SWF

"Small Web Format" nor "Shockwave Flash" are mentioned; maybe we confused by the mime type "application/x-shockwave-flash", too.


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