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Wednesday, November 01, 2006


John Dowdell

For "most defining" I'd have to go with the cross-environment nature of it all... it'll take us awhile to fully deploy, but cooperating with various browsers on various computer operating systems, and then (I'm hoping) eventually cross device form-factors into mobile -- the openness to audience choice is what it makes look different than WPF, or XUL, or AJAX or whatever.

I'm most interested in notifications, however... I want my computer to do the checking for me, and let me know when a condition is met. I think I'm on the nerdy side here though.... ;-)

(For Flash Media Server, have you been reading Steve Wolkoff recently? He's been talking about the re-org which pumped new energy into the work... I'm NDA'd on company organization, but from what I see, I'm excited too. Will be awhile before we see the fruits of this work, though.)

Austin K

The most defining feature of Apollo is cross platform local access with a huge company like Adobe behind it, making it go.

There are other alternatives to desktop creation with flash, but not with the huge support that Adobe is going to give it. That's what is awesome. However, they really need to open up the API to allow for major extensibility to the native OS apis... then we'll be able to have some awesome libraries available in the future.



Yes i've seen Steve's blog and i actually have some draft blogpostings and commentary ready to post :)

Tariq CFLEX Ahmed

The logo is the best reason to get into Apollo, it's cool!!! j/k

Platform Agnostic Desktop Power with Web Level Deployability.

It's allllllllll gooooood.

Ryan Steawrt

Most defining feature? Easy - it's being able to deploy desktop applications with web technologies. Web technologies make application development easy, and the collaborative nature of the web made it a perfect platform.

Now we can use those skills to build full desktop applications? That's a game changer.


There are other alternatives to the creation with the flash, but with the enormous aid that marinates it is not going to give it. That is which is impressive. Nevertheless, really they need to open the API to consider important extensibilidad to apis native of the then OS… that we will be able to have some impressive libraries available in the future

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