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Thursday, December 21, 2006



"tad confusing"

I don't get it. You mean you would be more likely to know what they where if they one had a flower on it, another a feather, maybe a cloud on another etc?


Tink - I personally think that, even though a picture may be no more intuitive than a bunch of letters at first, it's vastly more recognisable in the long run. Humans have developed pretty good shape recognition & recall over the years, that words and letters don't tap into in the same way (different bits of the brain n all that). This could be one of the reasons some of the more recognisable logos (flash, acrobat etc) have been retained.

Plus, surely these icons are gonna need to be 'translated' for various regions in the way an image never needs to be (different product names, character sets etc?)

I can see what they are doing, and it's a bold move breaking away from the 'realistic 3d' icon trend of the last few years, but I'm not sure if these really work (...as well as they could at least).

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